Mikrobielle Zellbiologie - Rückblick

The 2nd Discussion Meeting Microbial Cell Biology will be held October 10-12, 2016 at the Castle Rauischholzhausen Conference Center in Ebsdorfergrund, near Marburg.

This meeting brings together scientists and young researchers from different areas of the dynamically developing field of Microbial Cell Biology and offers the opportunity for contributions from current research on principles, structural and functional aspects of microbial cell biology.


The registration is open until September 30, 2016 (but may close earlier, if all rooms are booked)

The registration fee of 140 Euros (175 € for those of you who are not a VAAM-member) per person covers the costs for the whole meeting: It includes breakfast, lunch and dinner and the accommodation (mostly shared rooms) at Castle Rauischholzhausen for the entire time.

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